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Solarization – Commercial & Industrial

Solarization - Commercial & Industrial Most Asked Questions • Solar plant generates 4-5 units per day • Refer to your electricity bill to deduce average monthly consumption. Use this to find out the system size required. What capacity plant would we require? •Each kW takes 80 sq-ft •From step1, find out how much space ...

Renewable Energy Storage for Industries – Beyond Lithium

Lithium – Limitations Lithium batteries have emerged as a dependable storage medium for EVs, small to medium scale power storages  like homes & offices However, when it comes to Industries, Lithium does not fit in Lithium (or Lead Acid) is not suitable for long duration discharge. Lithium is good to store few hours (1 or ...

Solar + Lithium : A Perfect Combination

Introduction In this solution, solar provides free energy during day. Grid is automatically disconnected by the PCU Extra energy produced during day gets stored in lithium batteries. When generation is lower than consumption, batteries join solar. Post sunset, batteries take up the load When batteries drain out – grid is connected as the last option. ...

Will your Rooftop Solar survive a Storm

Call or whatsapp : 79922 79655 OR 87897 69952 ...

Solar Mounting Structures – Fixed or Sun Tracking System

With advancement in technology, power generation per unit area of a solar plant is improving continuously. While solar panels have improved from poly-crystalline to mono-crystalline to bifacial variants, the inverters have improved the solar extraction capability with use of MPPT technology. The mounting structures too play a significant role in improving the solar power generation ...



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