Solar + Lithium : A Perfect Combination


In this solution, solar provides free energy during day. Grid is automatically disconnected by the PCU

Extra energy produced during day gets stored in lithium batteries.

When generation is lower than consumption, batteries join solar. Post sunset, batteries take up the load

When batteries drain out – grid is connected as the last option. (configuration can be changed to preserve batteries as backup).

All this happens automatically without intervention

There are installations which are almost grid free

Lithium batteries last 10-20 years, are multiple times smaller, are completely maintenance free – storage technology of future.

Issues with existing solutions

Traditional Battery + Inverter

Traditional Battery + inverter

Solar + Lithium

This combo cannot last for more than few hours during power cuts

Solar provides cover during day without need of battery. Lithium battery takes up after sunset

Traditional lead acid batteries needs replacement every 3-5 years (500 cycles)

Lithium has 10 times more life (5000 cycles). Virtually buy of a lifetime

Lead Acid batteries need water refill every few months

Maintenance free

Lead Acid batteries emit dangerous fumes

No fumes

Lead Acid batteries are bulky

1/5th the size of lead acid battery

Power bill increases due to additional AC-DC conversion loses

Electricity bill reduces as solar powers the premises – grid is disconnected most of time

On Grid Solar

On Grid Solar Set

Solar + Lithium

Unavailable when needed the most – during power cuts

Savior during power cuts

No commercial sense for user if gross meter is implemented (eventually net meter will replace gross meter – DISCOM cannot sustain net metering. UP, West Bengal, Kerala has replaced Net meter with Gross meter. Maharashtra has already attempted once )

You consume what you produce – no dependency on grid

Getting Net Meter needs government approvals

No approvals needed

Diesel Generator Set

DG Set

Solar + Lithium

HUGE running cost – unsustainable

Free power from Sun


Pollution free

Significant regular maintenance required

No moving parts – install it, forget it..



Lithium + solar is expensive

Not your solution if you are looking for subsidy or EMI ( go for on grid instead)

Not your solution if saving electricity is your only priority (go for on-grid instead)

This is convenience first solution with electricity savings as second priority

This competes commercially if generator set cost is added

Rate Card

5 kVA à 5,10,000/-

8 kVA à 8,16,000/-

10 kVA à 10,20,000/-

15 kVA à 15,30,000/-

What you get:

End to end implementation – material + installation +transportation

Default configuration will have Solar Panels, Solar Inverter, Lithium Batteries (1.5 hours of backup at 50% load), fixed structure, earthing equipment, lightening arrestors

Out of scope – we will need input to plug in our PCU and hand over AC current for distribution (to your electrician)

Customization possible as per your needs at additional cost

Why Dabun?

Dabun is a Government of India (DPIIT) recognized private limited company specializing in solar sector

Registered with Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium  Enterprises (MSME), Government of India

Headquartered at Pune, Maharashtra

Operations across India

Unique Preposition

End-to-End Solar Plant Outsourcing

The only company that takes end-to-end responsibility of the entire solar plant.

Because we are the only company that has its own panels, PCU, batteries, structures and installation service. This enables us to provide end to end coverage of the plant. Traditional installers will “assemble” plant in piece meal manner – warranty resides with manufacturers and coordination responsibility lies with customer.

No more running from pillar-to-post following up with manufacturers of individual component

No more passing-the-buck syndrome post commissioning

Expertise in offgrid/Hybrid solar system

One of the handful of companies in India that has proven expertise in offgrid/hybrid system

Wide range from 5kVA to 350 kVA

Run rate of setting up more than 1 MWT/year of offgrid plants across India

Lithium Storage

One of the first to adopt lithium storage technology in India. Lithium storage compatible PCUs from 5 kVA to 150 kVA.

Suntrack Technology

One of the few companies that offers SunTrack solar mounting structures for improved efficiency (increased generation by up to 45%)

Financing of Industrial solar plants

Financing for Industrial and commercial solar plant in record time of 5 days

Pan India coverage

One of the few companies in India that aims to provide services and products across India

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