DABUN Himalia Series – 200kVA / 480V 3PH Hybrid Batteryless PCU

2,546,700.00 2,440,000.00

HIMALIA PCU series is the only hybrid PCU in the market that can work WITH battery or WITHOUT battery. You can enable export to grid by just changing configuration of the device. Not only this, you can also combine multiple units together – join 2 of these to form a 400 KVA system and so on. Comes with an optional remote monitoring system.

HIMALIA is a state of art PCU product by DABUN with Global standards. This unit gives operational flexibility to its customers to enjoy the benefits of advanced monitoring and control features.

HIMALIA series has evolved to overcome the limitations and give maximum possible yield to its users using DSP-based advanced control and monitoring features.

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PHASE 3 Phase
DISPLAY 32 bit DSP based design
MODE Multi modes working SBG/SGB/Export/Batteryless
POWER FACTOR IGBT rectifier with PF >0.9
DESIGN Customized MPPT design
INDICATION Interactive front LCD to do all settings via display
CONTROL MODBUS control for handshaking
REDUNDANCY Paralleling option
MONITORING Remote monitoring using GSM/RS-485



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