DABUN Offgrid Solar Power Plant with Lithium Storage 5kVA


Dabun is the only brand that takes end-to-end warranty of the entire solar plant. Now you do not have to run to individual manufacturers (inverter, battery, panel, installation) in case of an issue. There will no more blame game where, say, battery manufacturers refuses to honor warranty as there was a fault with PCU and vice versa. The entire responsibility of the plant right from the time we engage with you until you are old (25 years warranty – remember!!) lies with us (provided you have taken AMC from us)

In Scope:

Complete Solar Power Generation Set that includes material (inverter, solar panels, lithium batteries, earthing kit, lightening arrestors) as well as services (installation, transport, digging earthing pits). In short, this is a complete end to end package – you do not have to worry about anything else.

Out of Scope:

AC wiring:  We will require input socket where our inverter will plug in. We shall handover the output AC current to your electrician to supply power to the premises.


  • Operation and Maintenance service
  • Extended Warranty (post expiry of warranty)


The configuration stated is for “normal” standard sites. In case, there is a customization required, the cost would be modified accordingly. Examples of such customization requirement are:

  • The solar panel mounting structure needs to be elevated as per site requirement
  • Due to lack of space, multi-tier structure is to be designed
  • Access to roof via escalator is not possible. Additional cost to lift the structure will be added.
  • Building is more than 2 storeys. Extra cost of wires will need to be added accordingly.
  • Customer opts for advance components like Bifacial panels.

In stock



Equipment Description Quantity Unit
Modules, Inverters & Battery
Module DABUN – 560 Wp 8 Nos
Inverter Off-grid – 5 kVA 1


Battery Lithium Ferrophosphate 48V 80AH 1


Civil Costs
Mounting Structure RCC Rooftop HDGI Structure As per design kgs
Junction Boxes
DC Protection Box As per SLD and Circuit Configuration (Fuse with SPD Type-2) 1 Nos
ACDB MCCB, MFM Digital Energy meter, AC SPD Type 1+2 indication lamps, 3 pin socket 1 Nos
Cables & Accessories
DC Cables 4 sq.mm 1 C DC Solar Cable As per Insp. m
LT AC Cables As per SLD / Electrical Parameters sqmm 2/4 C As per Site m
Cable Tray/Conduits Perforated GI / Reputed Make UPVC As per Site m
Protection Equipment
Earth Rod Earthing Rod (40 mm dia 3 meter length hot dipped GI pipes) 3 Nos
Earth Filling Backfill Earthing Compound Bag (20 kg per Pit) 3 Nos
Earth Pit HDPE earth pit chamber 3 Nos
Earth Strip 25 x 3 sqmm Aluminum strips for earthing As per Site m
Lightning Arrester Conventional, Level-III, with 5 meter high mast 1 Nos
Services Design, Supply, Construction & Engineering Included
Services Installation & Commissioning Included
Liasoning Charges
Liasoning Charges   Included


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