Ongrid Solar Power Plant 3 kVA (with subsidy) for Flat residents


This system has especially been designed for flat-owners who have balconies/patios/railings that receive good amount of sunlight. Typically residents cover their balconies with lousy tin-sheds to protect the usable area from rain and heat – thereby wasting the precious sunlight that could have generated significant amount of electricity for atleast 30 years. This solution harnesses that precious sunlight, thereby cutting significantly on your electricity bill and helping reduce carbon foot print.

How does the system work:

The solar power generated in your balcony is supplied to your household – in case generation exceeds the load, surplus power is exported to grid. Similarly, if the generation is lower, power from grid is added up to power the load. There is a special meter called net meter that keeps track of exports and imports – at the end of month, you need to pay the difference of what you consumed and what you produced.

What all I can run on this set:

There is no restriction on the load – you can run anything you want to run.

Generation Potential:

This will generate approximately 265-280 units per month which translates to Rs 3000/- of electricity bill every month.  Balconies might not receive consistent sunlight through the day. Depending on the duration you receive the sunlight and other factors like shaded area etc, the generation will vary accordingly. You can add up one more panel to this setup thereby increasing power production, saving more electricity and also more subsidy.

Space requirement:

These panels will require around 150-200 sq-ft of space (Size of each panel is 7 ft x 4 ft and there are 5 such panels). So, if your balcony has this amount of space and this area receives good amount of sunlight, you can go green with solar.

Can someone do a site visit?

Yes. We can send our engineer to your site to do a site assessment, make recommendations and take up any queries you might have. There is a charge of 800/- for this visit. But this is refundable if you make a purchase – our engineer will issue you a coupon which you can use during checkout. Please call 022-48971234 to book an appointment.

Return on investment:

Typically, the plant will pay for itself, by neutralizing electricity bill, in 3 years. After that, you continue to get free electricity for next 25 years with no further investment.

Will it block my entire balcony:

No, these are elevated structures – so this will act as roof of your balcony and protect the space from rains. Solar panels would absorb sunlight and help lower the temperature. And you can still use the space for yourself.

Will I get subsidy?:

Yes, this combination is approved for subsidy. The subsidy would be 38,658/- (you will get that into your account from Government of India). You will get more subsidy, if you add more panels to the setup.

In Scope:

Complete Solar Power Generation Set that includes material (inverter, solar panels, earthing kit) as well as services (installation, transport, liasoning with DISCOMS, applying subsidy etc). In short, this is a complete end to end package – you do not have to worry about anything else.

Out of Scope:


  • Operation and Maintenance service
  • Extended Warranty (post expiry of warranty)


The configuration stated is for “normal” standard sites. In case, there is a customization required, the cost would be modified accordingly. Examples of such customization requirement are:

  • The solar panel mounting structure needs to be elevated as per site requirement
  • Access to roof via escalator is not possible. Additional cost to lift the structure will be added.
  • Building is more than 2 storeys. Extra cost of wires will need to be added accordingly.

In stock



Equipment Description Quantity Unit
Modules, Inverters & Battery
Module WAAREE – 530 Wp DCR 5 Nos
Inverter Growatt On-grid – 3 kVA 1


Civil Costs
Mounting Structure HDGI Structure As per design kgs
Junction Boxes
DC Protection Box As per SLD and Circuit Configuration (Fuse with SPD Type-2) 1 Nos
ACDB MCCB, MFM Digital Energy meter, AC SPD Type 1+2 indication lamps, 3 pin socket 1 Nos
Cables & Accessories
DC Cables 4 1 C DC Solar Cable As per Insp. m
LT AC Cables As per SLD / Electrical Parameters sqmm 2/4 C As per Site m
Cable Tray/Conduits Perforated GI / Reputed Make UPVC As per Site m
Protection Equipment
Earth Rod Earthing Rod (40 mm dia 3 meter length hot dipped GI pipes) 3 Nos
Earth Filling Backfill Earthing Compound Bag (20 kg per Pit) 3 Nos
Earth Pit HDPE earth pit chamber 3 Nos
Earth Strip 25 x 3 sqmm Aluminum strips for earthing As per Site m
Services Design, Supply, Construction & Engineering Included
Services Installation & Commissioning Included
Liasoning Charges
Liasoning Charges   Included


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