Why Us?

Dabun Vs Local Integrators

Market is full of self-claimed, self-educated Integrators who can agree to erect a Solar Power Plant at rock bottom prices or in some cases literally free of cost. With due respect to the folks who have no/limited formal education but still produce excellent results on ground, the fact is that such instances are exceptions rather than a rule. It is similar to a self-trained doctor / chemist who by looking at Doctor’s prescription learns to administer some drugs which interestingly works too in lot many cases – but then this is no substitute for a doctor!!

  • A fully functional organization: Unlike typical unorganized run-of-the-mill local integrators, Dabun is a fully functional organization registered under Indian Company Act,  MSME  (Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) and operates under brand name registered with  Office of Registrar of .Trademark Registry of India (Government of India). When you deal with DABUN, it is not just a local anonymous entity who might disappear one day or refuse to honor commitments after payment (and still continue to exist in the same system). We as an organization are accountable for everything we do. We understand that one customer dissatisfaction is multiple time more damaging to us than to an unorganized, unrecognized player.   
  • Process driven organization: When we undertake a project, it goes through well-defined, industry-standard processes that improves itself with time through continuous improvement cycles. Typically, our project will start with customer interview, followed by site evaluation with submission of well-reviewed design document developed by civil and electrical engineers to customer. This